Schröder Group at the show in Finland

Cutting and folding with hightest accuracy

Wessobrunn-Forst (Germany), 18 February 2016 – The Schroeder Group will be present at the Engineering Works 2016 Trade Fair in the name of ist partner Oy Tarivo Ltd. Our sales partner will be showing four machines from 15 to 17 March at the Finish exhibition in Tampere (Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre), hall A, booth 818. Highlights will be the folding machine PowerBend Universal as well as the motorized shear PDC-NC.

With the PowerBend Universal, Tarivo is showing an extremely efficient, versatile folding machine for thin sheet metal applications. At the exhibition in Finland this machine will be presented at a working length of 4000 mm and a sheet thickness of 2.5 mm. The PowerBend Universal will be programmed with the software control POS 2000 Professional that is mounted on a swiveling arm. Being equipped with a hydraulic tool clamping device and a motorized folding beam adjustment this machine is highly robust, has an extremely high repeat accuracy and is therefore very suitable for the continous use in locksmith, maintenance, and plumber workshops. The second machine on the booth of Tarivo is able to fold thin sheets up to 1.5 mm thickness: the MAKV with a working length of 3200 mm. The folding programs for this machine will be generated with a fast and easy to understand nanoTouch control.

Clear cuttings

Tarivo is also exhibiting the PDC-NC – a robust motorized shear with drives on both sides that is cutting sheets of up to 2.5 mm sheet thickness clearly and that has a working length of 4000 mm. This shear with an NC-positioning gauge has a manual blade gap adjustment and a pneumatically controlled sheet support. Another machine that is representing the manual folding machines on the booth is the ASK 3 which is in many details an improved successor of the ASK. Thanks to its segmented tools on all beams, this folding machine is suitable for the production of complex work pieces. Tarivo presents this machine with two variable gauge arms that are movable on a linear guide including two tipping gauges. Changing tools at the clamping and the folding beam is also very comfortable thanks to the patented quick clamping device with eccentric.