Schröder Group revises MHSU shear

Improved handling of the cut material

Wessobrunn-Forst (Germany), March 4, 2024 – The MHSU motorized shear is a proven classic from Hans Schröder Maschinenbau GmbH. The machine, which has already impressed generations of plumbers as an entry-level solution with numerous options, has now been redesigned. The most important new feature is a patented sheet holding device that increases handling flexibility. In addition, sheets can now be processed from coil.

Up to now, with the option of the sheet holding device, you had to decide how it should handle the cuttings. With the new patented sheet holding device of the MHSU, Schröder offers a versatile electronically controlled mechanism: The device can either guide sheet cuttings to the front into the sheet chute or to the rear onto a stacking cart. For particularly sensitive surfaces, the sheet holding device can also remain horizontal so that the cut material can be removed from the machine manually. This setting is also suitable for dividing sheets. The option of defining the forwarding of the cut material for each cut in the control system can be used as a scrap selector: For example, the trimming cut is fed to the sheet chute at the front, the good parts to the rear onto the stacking cart.

Further improvements

The geometry of the hold-down device has been modified to offer more operating freedom, and a small parts chute makes it easier to handle particularly narrow sections. Another new feature is the coil feed-through with safety package. The sheet holding device and back gauge are lowered to create space for feeding through sheets of any length.

The MHSU is still available in different versions, from 1,000 to 3,200 mm working length and for sheets thicknesses from 1.5 up to 4 mm. Various drive capacities are also available. In continuous operation, the MSHU achieves 34 strokes per minute.