#Production of a cover hood
#PowerBend Industrial
#Folding machine 3200 x 6,0 mm
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PowerBend Industrial
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#MAKU with goat's foot tools
#Conical bending
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MAKU 3,200 mm x 1.5 mm
The new motorized folding machine MAKU #more flexible #more robust #more efficient in handling Success Story Quadrus Metalltechnik produces on the MAK 4 Evolution UD with unique Advanced Handling System Success Story Aluminium specialist Altotec relies on folding machine from Schröder for sunshade products Gauge once, bend all
  • Fully-automatic Advanced Handling System (AHS)
  • Sheet metal handling system with suction cups for automatic sheet metal processing
  • Fully-automatic processing of complete bending programs
  • camera system for reviewing the correct alignment of the sheet
ADVANCED HANDLING SYSTEM Click here to watch the video
Success Story Salzmann produced with Schröder folding machine. Industrial production of individual parts Success Story USM works with fully-automatic bending center from Schröder Metal furniture manufacturing in perfection Our industrial folder PowerBend Industrial #more flexible #more rigid #more efficient in handling Stay in contact with us and subscribe to our NEWSLETTER Due to the General Data Protection Regulation within the European Union (DSGVO) which took effect on 25 May 2018 we are bound to strict regulations with regard to sending out newsletters. Based on Article 7 DSGVO we therefore need your explicit consent. Click on this banner to directly subscribe to our newsletter! The new motorized folding machine EVO-CENTER #innovative #unique #pathbreaking The new benchmark in the automation of folding.

Sheet metal cutting, bending, flanging, and roll bending
with machines by the Schröder Group.

The two German manufacturer of sheet metal processing machines Hans Schröder Maschinenbau and SCHRÖDER-FASTI Technologie, who form the Schroeder Group, offer a great variety of machines for folding, cutting, beading, flanging and rolling.

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