PowerBend Professional


The PowerBend Professional swivel folding machine is the professional solution to your thin metal applications. This robust yet precise folder is ideal for continuous operation in shops throughout the metal forming industry.


  • POS 2000 Professional control mounted on a swivel arm
  • Dual folding beam drive (2 × 2.2 kW)
  • Middle motor clamping beam drive 3.0 kW
  • Hydraulic tool clamping on clamping beam
  • Pneumatic tool clamping on folding beam
  • Clamping beam stroke 350 mm
  • Motorized folding beam adjustment 80 mm
  • Motorized folding center adjustment ± 20 mm
  • Sheet support table with gauge system 10-1,600 mm


Technical Data

Model Working length Sheet thickness 400 N/mm2 Machine length Machine width Machine height
[mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm]
2,500×4.0 2,540 4.00 4,314 2,563 1,610
3,200×3.0 3,240 3.00 5,014 2,563 1,610
4,000×2.5 4,040 2.5 5,814 2,563 1,610
Clamping beam
Model Geometry Stroke Drive power Speed
[°] [mm] [kW] [mm/s]
2,500×4.0 48 (180) 350 3,0/2 x 2.2 20 (65)
3,200×3.0 48 (180) 350 3,0/2 x 2.2 20 (65)
4,000×2.5 48 (180) 350 3,0/2 x 2.2 20 (65)
Folding beam
Model Drive power Speed Folding beam adjustment Folding center adjustment
[kW] [°/s] [mm] [mm]
2,500×4.0 2 x 2.2 85 80 (160) ± 20
3,200×3.0 2 x 2.2 85 80 (160) ± 20
4,000×2.5 2 x 2.2 85 80 (160) ± 20



POS 2000 Professional

the standard for industrial folding machines

The proven POS 2000 Professional makes programming a folding machine fast and comfortable. The desired program components can be selected from a comprehensive and expandable catalog, the angle and side dimensions are easily changed by pressing the monitor.

The control software displays exactly what the machine is doing: The folding machine, work piece, and tool are displayed schematically and updated for every bending step. Anyone who programs preparation of the work away from the machine can test the quality of their program using the bending simulation, which effectively avoids waste and delays during production.

The software not only controls the machine, but also offers assistance to the user: all of the necessary operator activities like turning, rotating, etc. are displayed for each bending step.

POS 3000 3D graphic control

Interactive sheet design

POS 3000 3D graphical control is one of the most powerful controls on the market, and because both the hard- and software come from a single provider, the PowerBend Professional and POS 3000 3D graphical control are a perfect match.

Working with POS 3000 is extremely comfortable:

Clearly laid-out product selection including a search function and navigation in submenus enables the operator to select work steps and connect them in the production plan menu to create sequences.

Individual product profiles can be designed very quickly via the intuitive finger-activated drawing feature. The exact dimensions may be entered and changed in the dimensioning menu. In order to check and coordinate together with the customer, the drawing may be output on paper using a printer.

Using the program that is created, the software generates the optimal sequence of bends, including automatic collision and threshold value monitoring. The folding angle and cut are corrected automatically using interpolation from the database.

Unfold software – Schröder Unfold

Uncomplicated and simple

In order to coordinate hardware and software perfectly, Hans Schröder Maschinenbau developed an unfold software to calculate the blank size and program with effortless preciscion.



Special equipment

  • Up-and-Down-folding beam
  • Rotating clamping beam for two tool stations incl. hydraulic tool clamping on both sides
  • Cental crowning device motorized
  • Various drive-, tool- and gauge options

Clamping beam tools, hydraulic tool clamping

  • Sharp-nose blade 20°/30°, R 1/1,5/3, divided
  • Tinsmith blade 20°/30°, R 1/1,5/3, clearance on the rear 8 mm, foot width 20 mm, divided
  • Goat’s foot blade 20°/30°, R 1/1,5/3, 120 mm or 170 mm high, clearance 45 mm, foot width 85 mm
  • Goat’s foot blade 20°/30°, R 1/1,5/3, 120 mm or 170 mm high, clearance 30 mm, foot width 50 mm
  • Goat’s foot blade with heel 30°, R 1/1,5/3, 120 mm or 170 mm high, clearance 45 mm, foot width 85 mm

Bottom beam tools

  • Segmented blade, minimal gauge 10 mm, with finger grooves, surface-hardened ca. 1100 N/mm²
  • One-piece blade, minimal gauge 10 mm, with finger grooves, surface-hardened ca. 1100 N/mm²

Folding beam tools

  • Segmented blade, 10/15/20/25 mm, 108 mm high, ca. 700 N/mm² or ca. 1100 N/mm²