Innovations for craft and industry

We believe that automation of manufacturing steps and NC accuracy are no industrial users’ privileges. So we do not only set standards with our big folding centers, but for workshops and medium-sized metal construction companies we also offer solutions that are fast, accurate and flexible – with ergonomic control and quicker handling to help avoid errors.

From the manual folding machine to the robotic manufacturing cell we build machines and for all them applies:
We offer leading solutions for optimal sheet metal processing.

Practice is the best advisor:

Our customers are our best teachers. From their practical application of our products in the course of their day-to-day work, they show us where specific enhancements can be made. We ask and we listen. Every visit of one our employees in a production plant of one of our customers can be a valuable inspiration for improvements of our cutting and folding machines development.

The close co-operation in this family-operated company ensures that suggestions rooted in practical application are incorporated into the enhancements and innovations “made by Schröder”.

Enhancements are rapidly implemented into our serial models. Building on this foundation, we also engineer custom individual solutions for our customers! Fine-tuning custom solutions is exemplary in our day-to-day business. Just ask us!