Schröder Group introduces the hydraulic PowerShear

Less models, more options

Wessobrunn-Forst (Germany), 2 March 2023 – Instead of the previous PowerShear Professional, Universal and Basic shear models, the Schröder Group now offers PowerShear as a single individually configurable sheet metal cutting solution. Customers no longer need to choose one model but have maximum flexibility in selecting the equipment and tooling options they need. PowerShear is a hydraulic shear for up to six millimeter thick sheet, featuring energy- and hydraulic oil-saving drives. The shear is available with either 3000 or 4000 mm working length.

In addition to the single cut operation, it is above all the automatic operation for fast series production with which PowerShear scores points. The motorized back gauge is frequency-controlled, and the shear operates at a speed of up to 44 strokes per minute. The control, which can be operated via a touch display, automatically adjusts the shear angle and blade gap to the sheet thickness. A pneumatic sheet support protects particularly sensitive sheets. The blade gap is LED illuminated.

Useful options

Customers can now freely choose from numerous useful options that were previously assigned to specific models. First and foremost, here is the scrap and part separator to the front. Narrow strips of sheet metal are guided forward over the entire useful length, and when trimming cuts, the scrap separator disposes of unneeded sections. When cutting oversized metal sheets, the back gauge rail ensures that the back gauge “makes room”. This group of options also includes a back gauge with linear guide and recirculating ball screws.

Depending on the size of sheets, Schröder Group offers various table extensions that can be moved on a guide rail, including ball rollers. A movable scrap container is also one of the options.