Schröder Group: Review of Dach + Holz 2024

PowerBend Multi steals the Show

Wessobrunn-Forst (Germany), 18 March 2024 – The Schröder Group, known for its folding machines and shears, can look back on an extremely successful Dach + Holz. Especially on the second and third day of the exhibition in Stuttgart, the machine manufacturer experienced a veritable rush on its stand 7.410 in hall 7, where it presented motorized folding machines and shears in addition to classic manual sheet metal folders. Visitors were particularly fascinated by the capabilities of the PowerBend Multi folding machine.

Just like the other MAKU motorized folding machine on display, the PowerBend Multi is also capable of conical bending. Thanks to the electronically controlled two-axis back gauge, it can be used to produce conical and form-fit plug-in profiles with a precision in the tenth of a millimeter range.

Another innovation of this folding machine for processing thin sheet metal up to 2.5 mm sheet thickness is the clamping function: in combination with the option of the rotating clamping beam, it is possible to reset the clamping beam, clamp the sheet and make room for the folding beam to fold hems. The demonstration of radius bending was also met with great interest. Here, the PowerBend Multi benefits from NC control technology developed within the Schröder Group for industrial folding machines: The PowerBend Multi masters “radius step bending”. This involves pressing the sheet metal with the clamping beam against an angle formed by the bottom beam and the folding beam. This creates a slight curve. This is now repeated in fine steps as often as required. The result is a rounded sheet that shows no signs of its gradual reshaping.