PowerShear Professional


The hydraulic shear PowerShear Professional replaces the proven shear type 528 and integrates a huge number of technological innovations. The design of the extreme rigid machine body was engineered with state of the art tools, using the finite elements
method and computer simulations and the drive concept has been completely renewed. Thanks to an energy-efficient drive with a converter-controlled motor and a hydraulic pump, the machine is able to handle the most difficult cutting operations and materials. The shear with a working length of 3000 mm is able to cut up to 6 mm steel sheet.


  • 12″Touchscreen control PSC 150 on swivel arm (possibility of saving on CF-card or USB flash drive)
  • Blades made for steel up to approx. 700N/mm²
  • Energy-efficient drive with converter-controlled hydraulic pump
  • Automatic calculation of motorized blade gap adjustment
  • Automatic calculation of shear angle adjustment
  • Frequency controlled motorized back gauge 10 – 1000 mm
  • Sheet support, pneumatically controlled
  • Scrap and part separator to the front for strips up to max. 200 mm incl. “Return to Sender” function
  • Free passage of material (swing away back gauge rail)
  • LED-cutting edge illumination
  • Programmable start- and end position of the cutter bar
  • 1 x angle gauge 1000 mm standard, mounted on the left side
  • 2x table extensions with T-slot, 1000 mm with scale (3x table extensions from working length 4040 mm)
  • Closed sheet support table with exchangeable stainless steel plates incl. ball rollers
  • Programming of cutting cycles
  • Protection of rear side by safety light barrier

Technical Data

Type 30/6 40/6
Sheet thickness (400N/mm²) [mm] 6,0 6,0
Sheet thickness (700N/mm²) [mm] 4,0 4,0
Working length [mm] 3040 4040
Shear angle adjustment [°] 0,5 – 1,9 0,5 – 1,9
Stroke [per min.] 24 – 61 20 – 56
Drive power [kW] 12 12
Weight [kg] 6500 8400
Machine width [mm] 3090 3090
Machine length [mm] 4000 5000
Machine height [mm] 1969 1969



  • Blades
    • Spare blade for steel up to 700 N/mm²
  • Sheet support table
    • Extended angle gauge with scale 1500 mm
    • Sheet support arm with T-slot and scale incl. ball rollers 1500 mm
    • 2x table extension 1000 mm incl. balls, movable on guide rail
    • Sheet support arm with T-slot and scale incl. balls 1500 mm movable on guide rail
    • Package 1: Movable lateral angle gauge 1000 mm mounted on left side incl. flipping gauge on linear guide and 2 movable table support arms on guide rail equipped with balls (for variable cutting positions)
    • Extra charge for extended angle gauge with T-slot and scale incl. balls 1500 mm, movable on guide rail
    • Package 2: Movable lateral angle gauge 1000 mm mounted on the left side incl. electronic length measurement system with flipping gauge and fine adjustment on linear guide and 2 movable table support arms on guide rails equipped with ball castors (for variable cutting positions)
    • Pivoting cam for insertion in T-slot
  • Others
    • Plastic shoes for hold-down device
    • Programmable holding-down force
    • Moveable finger grid protection 1500 mm long with electrical safety switch