Schröder Group at Blechexpo 2019

Highly automated sheet metal folding

Wessobrunn-Forst (Germany), 1 October 2019 – Hans Schröder Maschinenbau GmbH and SCHRÖDER-FASTI Technologie GmbH are exhibiting from 5 to 8 November 2019 at Blechexpo. On the booth 1709 in hall 1 of the exhibition in Stuttgart, the company shows its high performance machines for folding, cutting, rounding and swaging. Highlight of the exhibition will be the new, highly automated folding machine „EVO-CENTER“. As its name already indicates, this extremely powerful and at the same time flexible machine can be extended perfectly to a fully automated bending center of a production line.

Starting from the manual folding machine ASK 3 up to a fully-automated bending center – with its machines the Schröder Group offers a wide range of products for tinsmith shops up to huge industrial companies. The new folder EVO-CENTER is the latest innovation of the industrial high-performance Evolution-series. With a working length of 4,040 mm the EVO-CENTER bends up to 3.0 mm thick steel sheet. The 3D-graphic control POS 3000, operated via a 22“ Touchscreen, controls the almost automated production. The operator starts the bending program – or programs it on request on-site at the machine. The sheet gets aligned once with the reference gauge fingers, the suction cups fix the sheet and the machine does the rest of the sheet metal processing on its own. Thanks to the Up-and-Down folding beam and a rotating plate with suction cups all bends of the sheet can be made without any further interference by the operator. Furthermore the fully-automatic tool changer of this machine is able to change up to 400 mm high tools very quickly and completely autonomous – the tool changing portal has two asynchronously movable tool changers with one gripper each.

Advanced Handling System

The new Advanced Handling System (AHS) uses the Schröder innovation of the rotating suction plate. The AHS moves sheets up to 80 kg and sizes of 3 700 × 1 500 mm, but is also able to handle smaller sheets. The POS 3000 graphic control does not only offer additional functions such as step-by-step radius bending. By controlling manipulators and conveyer systems, it is also the basis to extend the EVO-CENTER into e.g. a fully automated bending center in production lines.

Folding up to 6 mm

A further highlight at the booth of Schröder is the PowerBend Industrial 3200/6,0. This extremely robust machine for up to 6 mm thick steel sheets connects highest performance with consistent high precision. Besides of equipment highlights such as a hydraulic tool clamping for the folding- and the clamping beam, a tool positioning indicator to avoid mistakes in tool changing, a suction gauge and an Up-and-Down folding beam, there are especially the little details that make this machine so popular. This machine class is way more far away from a manual folding machine than anything else, however you are able to bend smaller sheets as comfortable as with a manual folder.

The luxury class of handicraft folders

The third motorized folding machine that Schröder shows at Blechexpo is the PowerBend Professional. Not only popular as industrial thin sheet metal machine, it is also very common as high-end machine of successful tinsmith workshops. Besides of a suction gauge and an Up-and-Down folding beam this machine also impresses with a rotating clamping beam. The latter one offers an alternative geometry and a second tool station.

Two guillotine shears

With the motorized shears PDC Power-Duo-Cut NC 3200/3,0 and the MHSU 2000/2,5 the exhibitor is showing two popular machines for sheet metal cutting. The MHSU is an entry-level machine that however offers similar comfort as its bigger sister: for example a pneumatically controlled sheet support system or a cutting edge illumination.

Two classic FASTI machines

SCHRÖDER-FASTI Technologie GmbH is represented with a swaging- and flaring machine 416 and a slip bending roll type 134. The latter one is very well known for its special rolls for the production of stainless steel hoppers. This machine can be controlled with a comfortable touchscreen software.

Handicraft highlight

A machine that can not be missed on the Schröder booth: the folding machine ASK 3 1250/1,5. This machine is equipped with segmented tools on all beams, offers maximum clearance and fascinates thanks to many little details: the patented eccentric quick clamping for tool changes on the clamping and the folding beam in only one step, the multi-stage clamping beam drive for four different tool heights, an adjustable bending angle gauge including an angle indicator and the foot pedal for opening and closing the clamping beam.