Schröder Group at SIMM Expo in Shenzhen

High-End-sheet metal working made in Bavaria

Wessobrunn-Forst (Germany), 24 February 2016 – Represented by its partner Dongguan TAM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Hans Schröder Maschinenbau GmbH is exhibiting at the biggest trade fair for machines in China: at the Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition, shortly SIMM (29 March to 1 April). The exhibited machine will be the folding machine PowerBend Professional. This machine folds sheets up to 4.00 mm sheet thickness both up and down. The PowerBend Professional offers a price-performance ratio that recommends this machine as an entry-level solution into high-quality industrial production.

In November last year, the PowerBend Professional has already been accepted very well at the CIIF Expo in Shanghai. The Schröder sales partner Dongguan TAM Precision Machinery wants to build on this success and particularly emphasizes the efficiency enhancing equipment options of this machine on the booth. The Up-and-Down folding beam is extremely popular with users as you do not have to turn around sheets for counter folds. Especially for bigger or unwieldy sheets the risk of damages when turning the sheet is therefore minimized and moreover it also saves a lot of time. At the SIMM Expo the folding machine will be shown with a working length of 2.500 mm, however it is also available at a working length of 2.000, 3.200 and 4.000 mm.

Second tool changer “in no time at all”

The second equipment option of the PowerBend Professional that visitors can see at the exhibition is a rotating clamping beam. It offers a dual benefit. Thanks to its shape it provides two different geometries that enable needed clearances without having to change tools. Furthermore it allows a fast change between different, prepared tool stations – a significant flexibility advantage for complex or fast changing products. A third option that this exhibition machine has: safety installation and second foot switch for operating from the front. For making bends on short legs it is more comfortable to operate the machine from the front – just as every plumber knows it from manual folding machines.