Schröder Group improves motorized shear PDC-NC

Series cut for all types of sheet materials

Wessobrunn-Forst (Germany), 7 October 2021 – The PDC-NC is a robust motorized shear with NC positioning gauge and a pneumatically controlled sheet support. Hans Schröder Maschinenbau has now equipped the proven Duo-Cut shear with a new control system and the back gauge with precise servo motors. The manual blade gap adjustment for material thickness adjustments is now optionally available with a motor. One simply selects the desired material thickness on the touch display of the Schröder Cut Control and the blade gap is automatically adjusted.

The most important functional extension of the PDC-NC is the serial cutting that allows to preset up to 99 different or repeating gauge dimensions. This means that several gauge dimensions can be processed one after the other, or repetitions can be specified for individual dimensions. The PDC-NC is suitable for up to 3 mm thick steel sheets (version with 3200 mm working length) or 2.5 mm (on 4000 mm), but is also often used for other materials. For very soft materials, it is now possible to deactivate the pneumatic hold-down device. The sheet support, which is also responsible for depositing the sheet either at the front or at the rear after the cut, can now also be set via the touch display.