Schröder Group at Lamiera 2019

Semi-automatic sheet metal folding

Wessobrunn-Forst (Germany), 23 April 2019 – From 15 to 18 May 2019 Hans Schröder Maschinenbau is exhibiting at Lamiera in Milan. The manufacturer of sheet metal working machines presents its popular motorized folding machine PowerBend Professional together with its Italian partner Evomach (Booth G38 H67, Hall 15). This folding machine is
going to be displayed with very special options: the software control, a vacuum gauge and a bidirectional folding beam make this folder for up to 3200 mm wide and 3 mm thick sheets to an almost automated solution.

The PowerBend Professional at Lamiera is equipped with a rotating clamping beam for two tools stations and an Up-and-Down-folding beam. The latter one makes the machine operation much easier as big sheet metal parts do not need to be turned over for counterfolds.

The vacuum gauge helps to reduce the handling as well: The sheet gets gauged against the horizontally postioned folding beam, gets pneumatically fixed and positioned for all bends on one side by the graphic control POS 3000.

In addition Schröder shows the comfortable unfold software that enables to calculate the blank size of the sheet faster and with effortless precision. Stepfiles are imported into “Schröder Unfold”, they are unfolded to create the flat pattern, calculating cut size, notch development, and internal geometry placement.

A co-exhibitor is also the company Jorns AG who is going to display a double bending machine in the working length 6400 mm.