Schröder Group at Lamiera 2017 in Milan

Industrial sheet metal working

Wessobrunn-Forst (Germany), 24 April 2017 – Schröder Group will be present at the sheet metal working exhibition Lamiera from 17 to 20 May 2017 with its new folding machine PowerBend Industrial UD 3200 x 6,0. The manufacturer of machines for cutting, folding and rounding sheet metal will be located in hall 13, booth A30 and will mainly focus on folding thicker sheets. The powerful drives and the robustness of the PowerBend Industrial UD that is able to bend up to 6 mm thick sheets makes this machine not only ready for mass production, but also for small series- and single piece manufacturing.

The PowerBend Industrial UD is equipped with two 3.0 kW drives for the clamping beam and with two 5.5 kW drives for the folding beam. These drives in combination with a torsion-resistant machine body and high-quality tools make the machine an ideal investment for companies that have to bend up to 3 mm thick stainless steel in bulk. The spring-back value of the material is stored in the graphical touchdisplay control POS 3000. Furthermore, the folding machine guarantees a surface-gentle processing of shiny sheets: Thanks to the Up-and-Down folding beam the sheet does not need to be turned over for counter-folds. This saves a lot of time and allows you to work efficiently. The optional back gauge system with suction cups as shown at the Lamiera exhibition simplifies the handling of sheets even more: Once gauged against the folding beam, the machine bends one side of the sheet fully automatic without any intervention by the operator.

Smooth operation

Apart from semi-automation and comfortable programming, the PowerBend Industrial UD facilitates work thanks to a hydraulic clamping device for the clamping- and the folding beam tools. Tool changing for a flexible production can thus be made very quick and effortless. Practical when working with slim profiles: The machine can be operated from the front as well. The clamping beam stroke of 650 mm allows processing bulky work pieces. At the Lamiera exhibition, the Schröder sales team will demonstrate the versatility of the PowerBend Industrial UD to visitors on selected work pieces. As an example it is possible to bend a radius in an excellent quality with the radius function in the POS 3000 control. With the combination of back gauge feeding dimension, folding beam angle and clamping beam one can make a very smooth radius.