Schröder folding machine at BIEMH Bilbao

Powerful and precise

Wessobrunn-Forst (Germany), 17 May 2016 – The PowerBend Professional, one of the currently most successful folding machines from Schröder Machinery will be exhibited at the Bienal Española de Máquina Herramienta 2016 (BIEMH) in Bilbao and represents the extensive product portfolio of the Bavarian sheet metal working specialist. Exhibitor will be our Spanish sales partner Josep Muntal, s.l. The machine dealer shows a highly flexible, industrial sheet metal working machine that is also used by larger handicraft businesses. The exhibition machine is able to bend 3 mm thick sheets at a working length of 3200 mm. What proved to be quite practical and also quite popular with customers regarding handling bigger sheets: the Up-and-down-folding beam. This Schröder technique allows bending sheets from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the top. Thus, there is no need to turn over sheets which saves a lot of time and effort.

At BIEMH, Josep Muntal shows the PowerBend Professional with the software control POS 2000 Professional on a swivelling arm that enables to operate the machine both from the front and from the rear. The exhibition machine has a back gauge in U-shape that allows to gauge from 10 to 3200 mm. Two sectors are pneumatically lowerable and two fixed square arms on the left and right side facilitate the working process so that the operator is able to bend slim sheets exactly at a right angle. This machine is characterized by an extremely rigid machine body, high-quality drives and ultimate repeat accuracy.