PowerBend Industrial folding machine:

Schröder presents a new model in the PowerBend series

Wessobrunn-Forst (Germany), 26 October 2016 – With the PowerBend Industrial, Schröder Group presents a powerful motorized folding machine, expanding its portfolio of the PowerBend series. With the new PowerBend Industrial, the folding specialists at Schröder Group target companies that process steel sheets up to 6 mm in thickness. Intelligent options enable semi-automated operation.

The PowerBend Industrial is available in two sizes: a working length of 4000 mm for steel sheets up to 5 mm thick, and a 3200 mm length for steel sheets up to 6 mm thick. The new folding machine has been designed for reliable and efficient operation in heavy production industrial shops. Generously sized dual drives on the clamping beam and the folding beam achieve extremely fast clamping and folding speeds. The clamping beam stroke of 650 mm allow for the use of tall tools, creating a huge part envelope for processing large bulky work pieces.

All bends on each side are automatic

With features such as an Up-and-Down folding beam and a suction gauge table that is an integral part of the back gauge, the operators interface with the bending process is minimized. The combination of both features make it possible to gauge the sheet using the folding beam as a front stop, while the suction table secures the blank to the gauging system. The gauging system is now able to sequence the part through the bending process as the up-and-down folding beam makes the required bends. The PowerBend Industrial sets new standards with regards to power, precision, and repeatability in this class of machine.

Also work from the front side

This machine has features to enhance its flexibility even further, such as step-bending for precise forming of radius profiles, and the ability to form from the front of the machine for small parts and narrow profiles.

In order to make the operators working environment even more ergonomically comfortable and efficient, the PowerBend Industrial can be equipped with two touch-panels for front and rear operation. Coupled with hydraulic tool clamping on the clamping beam, and the operator can quickly re-segment the tooling as instructed by the control for incredibly quick part-to-part changeovers.

In the standard version the PowerBend Industrial is equipped with the POS 2000 Professional 2D graphic control. Optionally, the POS 3000 3D graphic control, known from the Evolution series, can be added